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    Canadian-Made Furniture
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    Showrooms in
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    Over 10,000 square feet
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    Speak to our service specialists to
    discuss your exact need
    and we will find it for you!
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Welcome to Ryn’s Furniture – Your trusted home furniture stores in Niagara Falls and Caledonia. We are a one-stop shop for your furnishing needs whether you are looking for Mattresses, Bar Stools, Sofa’s or more… we can help you! We believe that providing superior customer service is extremely important. As such, our team of knowledgeable experts are here to help you find exactly what you need. For those ‘tough to find items’ we can find it direct from the factory of our large supplier connections.

We are a family owned and operated furniture outlet and have been catering to the residents of Niagara’s furniture needs for many years and have recently expanded to the home town residents of Caledonia, Ontario Canada. We believe in a true consultation and guidance approach with our customers rather than the hard pushy salesmenship that you might come to expect with other furniture stores. For your convenience, we do post some of our in-store items on our website for you to look at from the comfort of your own home, but do visit one of our large locations and speak to our furniture specialists so that we may find items that will work beautifully with your preference and style!